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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lab D- iDance

This is teaching lab D in which I was using new technology, iDance, to assist me in teaching a lesson on dance. I was really nervous when first going into this experience because I am pretty much horrible with technology. I was thinking that this is new technology that no one has ever used to teach with and there was going to be all kinds of problems. However, the technology was really easy to use and I think the students really have a lot of fun participating in this activity.

I created a lesson plan that really focused on the more complex tasks that can be used with the iDance technology. My lesson plan had the students working in groups of 2 or 4 and switching pads whenever there is a double pattern in the dance sequence. My lesson plan looked really good but I ran into some technical difficulties throughout my lesson which really didn't allow me enough time finish everything I wanted to cover. The technical difficulties also really messed up my time coding form because there was a large part of the time when the students are just standing around waiting for something to happen. My lesson had way to much instruction and management time, and not even close to enough activity for the students, which is due the remote losing connection and having to restart the system.

However, I was able to provide feedback to the students even though there was an insignificant amount of activity time. The feedback analysis form shows that I was able to give feedback to 11 out of the 19 students that are in the class. This shows that I was able to provide feedback to more than half the students in the class while also instructing the lesson, and the feedback I gave was congruent on the focus of my lesson. I think that I had a really solid lesson planned and was able to try some new things with the students despite the technical problems that did occur. My content development sheet shows that I was really focused on 2 or maybe 3 things throughout the entire lesson. I basically informed the students about what was going happen in the class, and then I kept extending and refining the instructions throughout the lesson. I worked on making sure the students knew what was expected out of there performance for each task, and I kept reminding students to maintain correct form by focusing on the cues. Overall, I think I did a good job preparing and presenting my lesson, and I think the students really had fun and enjoyed the iDance lesson.

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  1. Very nice job Jed. You have improved in everything over the last semester. Keep up the good work!!!