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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lab C "Wiff-Waff"

We've been learning games form different countries around the world and my partner, Amy (aka Ms. Marks), and I chose to teach the sport of Table Tennis. Table Tennis originated in England and was a after dinner activity know as "Wiff-Waff. The game was originally played on a table with books used as the net and the paddles, so Amy and I set a table to be played this way. This really brought some variety to the lesson to make it more interesting. We also created task cards for the warm-up which really got students active and participated quickly, which also created some variety between the lessons and sparked some interest in the students. This lesson was lab c, which is the third time that I have taught in this class, and I really feel like I'm more confident and comfortable when teaching. I feel like I had a really good lesson plan which prepared me to teach a well planned class period. I felt confident and organized with the lesson, and I knew exactly what I wanted to cover in such a short amount of time. My time coding sheet shows that I did a good job at utilizing the time available to create an affective lesson. I actually had a really good amount of activity time,which kept the students active and hopefully having fun while practicing and learning the different strokes. I also did a better job with giving feedback to the students while I'm teaching and observing. I gave much more feedback than I had previously done while teaching and my feedback analysis form show that most of my comments were congruent with the lesson and based off the teaching cues. Amy and I had set up posters in the room that showed the cues for all the strokes, which provided a reminder for the students to use if having problems, and also provided Amy and I with reminders for giving feedback. This whole lesson was a challenge for me because we had teach in the squash courts, which creates a challenging teaching environment. However, I feel like Amy and I really showed off our teaching abilities and were able to create an educational, active and fun lesson for the students, which should be one of the goals of every Physical Educator.


  1. Jed, I really enjoyed your lesson. It was great on all the history you brought into it and how you had different groups playing with different sized balls and books. Your time coding sheet looks great. You had plenty of activity time. Try to embed your video onto your actual blog so you can see it while you are reading about it. That's my only suggestion. Great Job!!

  2. Ditto on that Melissa. You were really prepared and knew what you wanted to cover.