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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Final Project

The USDHHS recommends that children accumulate at least 60 minutes of
moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. One way to increase physical
activity levels that is gaining popularity is interactive video games (exergames).

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iDance is a new technology that could easily be incorporated into a physical education class and it provides great health benefits for the students. The iDance technology allows for up to 32 players to participate all at one time, which is great for a PE class and provides maximum participation. It also provides immediate feedback to the students about their dance performance, which helps to improve student performance and creates a better gaming experience.

After participating and experimenting with the iDance technology I have noticed a significant improvement in my dancing skills. I was pretty much absolutely horrible at dancing but after being involved with the iDance technology I have increases to a much higher skill level. iDance is a very beneficial tool to use in a physical education class room.

Here is a sample Lesson Plan that can be used to teach a class using the iDance system. This lesson includes activities that involve partner and group dancing where groups switch pads at certain times throughout the song. This really keeps the students on there toes and adds more physical activity and enjoyment to the gaming experience. I have also posted two sample assessment sheets that can be used to gather useful data about the students performances. The first sheet is a teacher check list that evaluates students on their performance and gives the teacher useful information about the class. The other sheet is for students to fill out and it evaluates students on their iDance experience and gives the teacher information on the effectiveness of the lesson and student enjoyment.

assessment 1

assessment 2


  1. The forms are terrific Jed! I hope you don't mind if I use them to inspire our class structures for the arrival of iDance in Australia. We'll be using iDance for PE formats in collaboration with Swim Education classes (obviously not at the same time, not until Ole makes waterproof dance pads :P.

    We have a lot to learn about structuring cirriculum for the iDance so your content is VERY useful. Thanks again. Brett at Exergaming Australia.